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June 13, 2007

Tech Update

Filed under: Mac OS X Crashes — jasony @ 2:42 pm

Not that you care, but for the internet archives.

I did a google search and discovered that the “Illegal name” issue was due to an Illustrator file. I had installed Illustrator last night and it installed a folder called “legal.txt” or something. In that folder were a bunch of localized files for czech, german, italian, etc. The file name on the vietnamese file had some illegal characters that caused OS X’s Disk Utility to freak out. Tossing the whole folder and emptying the trash fixed the problem. I ran Disk Utility (from another OS X partition) and it cleaned up the mess.

I don’t get the “Illegal file” error any more, but I still have that annoying 128 MEGAbyte partition cluttering up my desktop. Are there any cool Unix commands I can use to permanently disable or unmount an unwanted partition? I’d rather do this than reformat the whole drive and start over.

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