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June 15, 2007

Hymn Medley

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A few years ago I was asked to do a hymn arrangement for a friend’s wedding. She had three specific hymns that meant a lot to her that she wanted arranged into the introit to the ceremony. I concocted a fun mix of all three of them and wanted to post it here (I finally got the ceremony DVD- 2 years later!).

The piece was sung by five very good sight-readers who had only had a few days to prep it. As is the case with most weddings, we only got about thirty minutes before the ceremony to rehearse it so there are some tuning issues which I hope you will forgive and the audio is from a crummy little camera mic about eight feet from the singers.

Considering the time constraints we were under I’m really happy with the performance. I hope you like it too.

Hymn Medley, by me.


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Cool shadow art.

Relics from the Future

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Tulsa opens a 50 year old time capsule today. So how does it feel to live in the future?

Perfection of the Spheres

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A new kilogram reference means the world’s most perfect sphere. Absolutely round down to 35 nanometers!

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