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June 29, 2007


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Erin and I just got back from watching Ratatouille. There aren’t many films I’ll pay to go see in the theaters, and fewer I’ll see on opening day, but anything by Pixar is a lock for me.

In short, the movie stands with the best Pixar has to offer, and in terms of animation and sound design, I think it’s the very best one they’ve put out. There were moments that left me with a lump in my throat simply because the images on the screen were so incredibly beautiful and well done. Picture the very best, most amazing visual still frame you can imagine and then follow it with 23 more frames per second for 110 minutes.

There were a few shots that really stood out in the same way as the first shot of Sidney Harbor stands out in Finding Nemo. Just amazing, amazing work.

And the sound! I could tell that the sound folks put their all into this one (not that I’d expect anything else). The very beginning of the film features a look-through-the-tv shot ala The Incredibles. What gave me such a kick was hearing that super high pitched sound modulated with that old-tv tube wobble that was just perfect for the ancient TV set. It’s such a subtle effect most people probably won’t notice it, but if you see the film after reading this, pay attention to that little detail. I squealed like a little kid when I heard it and Erin just leaned over and whispered “audio geek”. Yes, yes I am.

Go see it and support this kind of wonderful filmmaking. I’m going to end up giving Pixar more money when the DVD comes out.

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