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September 5, 2007

Can I Have a Do-over on today?

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Today was a totally wasted day. I woke up this morning hoping to get a big jump on work after being gone all day yesterday on the Thanksgiving shoot.

Instead, I was greeted with timeout and error messages in my email client. AT&T has been bugging us recently to change over our email settings in order to coincide with theirs. I thought I had done that but called ATT to make sure. First mistake. The “tier one” people who populate the phone lines at ATT have two job requirements: do not to speak the English very well, and make sure you take long periods to read the ineffectual phone “help” script before you tell the customer something that will further mess up his system. After fargling my email client even farther I asked to be escalated to tier 2. When I got there I got the well known complaint:

I’m sorry, sir. I’m not trained on the Mac. Well are you trained on email, meathead? So I finally got to tier 2 MAC support. Now this dude, this Todd guy, really knew his stuff, and he spent the better part of an hour getting my settings back to normal and my system working again. It turns out it was the email servers that were down, but I had messed up the other server settings (AT AT&T’s insistence), and only by invoking the gods of email were we able to get things working again. In the course of all this, however, I had to give Todd my user name and password so he could check things on his end. Fairly standard procedure, I think, but I was still nervous about things as this information would let him get into my iTunes account and download stuff on my credit card, were he the nefarious type.

So once the email was all up and running again (and here I’m in hour FIVE of this fiasco), I did an even stupider thing: I changed my .mac password. Simple, right? Go online and type in the new password, right? That seemed to work, and I was able to access the .mac webmail just fine. But when I put the password into the Mac’s MAIL application and have it go out to find my email I get either a timeout or this:

Picture 1.png

So I am once again adrift, only this time the problem is with APPLE’s product, not AT&T. I’ve followed the letter of the law, made my changes according to their rules, and everything should be working, but no fuzzy dice, Batman. I can only hope that things start to work again of their own accord, because the alternative is either a lifetime of checking email with the web application, calling tech support for a $50 fix, or junking the whole thing and moving away.



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Thirty years ago today the Voyager spacecraft started its infinite journey.

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