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October 17, 2007

Pardon Me While I Wine

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I play piano at the local Vino 100 every so often. As part of my remuneration, the owner gives me a couple bottles of wine (my choice!) and a class for me and Erin. We went to the class tonight (pairing wine with food), and had an absolutely wonderful time with chef and chief sommelier Brian. Brain brought several different kinds of foods and opened about a half-dozen bottles of wine for us to compare and contrast between them. There were about 9 of us in attendance and we got to try some truly wonderful vintages. I used a birthday gift certificate to pick up 2 bottles of 2003 Pasa Robles Petite Syrah. It was almost as good as the $40/bottle stuff that Dimas (the owner) opened for us. We can’t wait to figure out what we’re going to make to enjoy this wonderful stuff.

Quantum Fun

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What do geeks do when they get together? I mean, besides playing Dungeons and Dragons and wondering what goes on in the women’s bathroom? If one of them is a doctoral candidate in string theory, they do the famous dual slit experiment!

Next week is Pigskin and I’ll be going up to Waco for the annual week long pilgrimage. My friend Matt (and his wonderfully understanding wife Jenna) is allowing us to crash at their place for a whole week. Scott and I will reward them by turning their guest room into a stinky boy-zone. There’s a special room in Heaven for these two (though Jenna will be the only one allowed to decorate it).

During the week Matt and I (Scott, you wanna come?) are going up to the science lab to recreate the famous quantum dual slit experiment, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Really. I mean, singing and dancing and performing for 15,000 alumni is fun and all, but looking at wave interference patterns? Now THAT’S entertainment. I’ll just be sure to bring my 20-sided dice.

No Man is an Island

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but we can do a pretty good job of being isolated with this Master List of Opt Outs.

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