The Big Think

November 6, 2007


Filed under: Humor and Fun — jasony @ 11:59 pm

25 photographs taken at the exact right time.

Deep Field

Filed under: Space/Astronomy — jasony @ 6:13 pm

This is why I love astronomy. And YouTube!

Take it Back

Filed under: Technology — jasony @ 12:09 pm

The top 30 failed technology predictions.

Grand Challenge 2

Filed under: Technology — jasony @ 11:20 am

Carnegie Mellon wins the second Grand Challenge autonomous robotic car race. Cool!


Filed under: Movies — jasony @ 10:55 am

The ultimate Star Trek Home Theater. Well, there’s no Holodeck, so I question the “ultimate” part, but with 3800+ DVD’s online it’ll keep you from civilization for awhile.


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I got home from Pigskin a few days ago and found almost 1000 articles to read in my RSS reader. Luckily I was able to sift the wheat from the chaff, but it was a challenge. Wonder if I should remove some feeds?

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