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November 8, 2007

Mouse House

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Jason: 1
Remy: 0



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Found some telescope plans online today. Just posting here for future reference.

At some point it becomes a fascination for many people to get a better instrument. Unless you have a large pocket book, the only practical way to make a large instrument is on your own. Depending on your resourcefulness and ingenuity, you may save yourself considerable money. The down-side of this is, however, a good bit of time and work. But if the idea of making something accurate to a few millionths of an inch with nothing more than two bits of glass, some common tools, and some jury-rigged testing apparatus appeals to you, then a bit of work won’t stand in your way!


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Strafing the cliffsides in a wingsuit at 100mph. Awesome.

Mouse House

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For the last few weeks we’ve seen evidence of some little rodent friends around the house. Mysterious scuttling sounds and random droppings here and there have led us to believe that we definitely have a roommate. With the help of Scott we were able to track him down and dispatch him the other day. However, we heard the same sounds early yesterday and discovered that we still have one somewhere in the pantry. And just a few minutes ago Erin saw one in the upstairs master bathroom, so either we have a single mouse that gets around VERY well or there’s at least two in here. We got some of those humane “no-kill” traps with the special mouse attractant bait and set them out yesterday, but the one we saw in the kitchen literally climbed over the thing without even pausing.

Sorry little guys, we tried to be nice, but now I’m off to the hardware store for some serious ammunition.


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