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November 9, 2007

Revised Score

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I may have taken one of the little rodents out, but two more have taken his place. One was coming and going in the holes I drilled a few months ago in the studio (where the cable bundles exit). That was the one I took out. A few hours later his partner in crime showed up. I think I chased him back into the hole. I set a trap right under the hole and closed the studio door for a few hours (it’s the solid core door with full weather stripping). When there was no result I got a can of expanding foam and emptied it into the wall cavity. Now I have a giant mass of expanding foam with cables running out of it, but I’m SURE that he can’t get back in that way.

We finished watching Ratatouille downstairs tonight (I know, the irony) and turned around to see yet another mouse sniffing at the peanut butter on one of the (4) traps in and around the pantry and fridge. He was able to make off with a small bit of peanut butter a couple of times, but instead of freaking him out we left him alone. I figure he’ll get used to the idea of snacking on the PB and one of these times he’ll pull too hard on the trap. Snap.

Finally, I used the rest of the expanding foam to fill in some of the known small holes around our house. Under cover of darkness and with no telling what was going to crawl up my pants I knelt down beside the garden shed outside to look at the dryer vent. It had a glob of old lint stopping the mechanism from closing completely. The result is a 4″ wide hole in the side of our house leading straight into the pantry. I guess that mystery is solved.

I’ll have to tear off and replace the vent completely, hopefully with something more mouse proof. In the mean time I’ve soaked a couple of paper towels in peppermint oil (which purportedly keeps mice at bay) and stuffed them into the outside opening of the vent. No activity or noise anywhere for the last few hours. I think any survivors have gone back to their nests for the night. Tomorrow I’m looking to either plug their entry holes or up my score. I just hope I can outwit the thing.

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