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November 10, 2007

Mouse House Redux

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So I spent most of the day today patching up the entry holes for our little fuzzy friends. I did a real number on my hands while cutting up metal mesh to fasten over the exterior dryer vent area, and then caused a few more scratches and cuts putting a second mesh barrier on the inner part of the hole. I also completely cleaned out the inside of the dryer and replaced the expand-o-tube that vents hot air and lint outside. The old tube had fallen off the back of the dryer and the mice were crawling up the outside of the house, in the unprotected 4″ hole (which isn’t covered by the little cover because it was bent when it was installed 6 years ago!), then exiting the tube that had come detached from the back of the dryer. Now the thing is so ingress-proof I feel confident that the house is (or will very soon be) completely rodent free.

One last one had to be taken care of after we returned for the night tonight. Unfortunately the trap didn’t finish the job and the Great Protector (i.e. me) had to do the dirty work. I’ll just leave it at that.

Due to the fact that I lost an entire day today mouseproofing the house and cleaning my studio I have to spend most of the day tomorrow catching up on work. Sunday is Wash Everything In The House Twice day, as prescribed by my lovely better half. What can I say? If you had mouse droppings in your tea cups you’d want to do that too.

Don’t worry, if you ever come over to eat you’ll know that everything will be clean.

Get Out!

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Our too-seldom seen friends (and fellow travelers on the self employed trail) Darla and Jason Cohen invited us to their annual cookout/campfire/commune with the donkeys at their property in far southwest austin. Even though we had to fight rush hour traffic for 90 minutes on a friday night it was still worth it. Hot dogs, chips, apple cider, and smores with a bunch of creative and interesting strangers. I stood back from the fire at one point and looked at the ring of people huddled around the warmth and was struck by the thought that I was viewing a common experience that is both very familiar and unbelievably ancient. A knot of humans standing around a fire with their backs to the darkness. It’s been that way for thousands and thousands of years. It was just a nice moment when I could almost feel the weight of history.

Darla is a personal chef in Austin (check out her page here). She’s become phenomenally successful in the past four years and we spent some time talking about the benefits and pitfalls of staying small. Jason, one of the founders of Code Bear software, is also of the self employed ilk. We all met through a mutual friend and whenever we get together with them it always feels like no time has passed at all. I just wish that there was more time to do stuff with them. It’s great to be able to vicariously experience their business ups and downs.

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