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November 15, 2007

Big Sun

Filed under: Technology — jasony @ 10:21 pm

NanoSolar has been making waves recently for their new super thin film solar cells. Flexible and cheap (about 30% the cost of traditional gallium arsenide doped silicon cells), these babies are set to start selling next year. I want to coat our roof with this stuff.

HD Moon

Filed under: Space/Astronomy — jasony @ 9:18 am

Japan has just released high definition pictures taken from lunar orbit. Wowsers.

Bang, Zoom

Filed under: Movies,Space/Astronomy — jasony @ 1:03 am currently has the Widescreen DVD Signature Edition of Tom Hanks’ “From the Earth to the Moon“. If you’re a space nut (like me), or if you just enjoy really well-told stories, I would highly recommend picking it up. The 5 DVD, 720 minute epic (12 episodes) is currently on sale for only $20. I watch mine about once per year and love it. Totally worth it.

Control Freak

Filed under: Computing — jasony @ 12:47 am

Frickin’ awesome. I just figured out how to customize my monstrously over-buttoned ├╝bermouse (the Kensington Expert Mouse Pro) for Sketchup. Now I have a ton of tools and navigation commands literally at my fingertips.

I’ve had clients go woozy just looking at the plethora of buttons and wheels on the trackball. The best thing is when I tell them that the four click buttons not only work individually, but you can also chord with them (by hitting two at a time), to give yourself even more ways of doing things. One of these days I’m going to inadvertently start WWIII while playing my copy of Global Thermonuclear War.


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