The Big Think

November 29, 2007

Ready for my Closeup

Filed under: Hobbies — jasony @ 1:16 am

I’ve been wanting to play around with iStopMotion but we don’t currently have a video camera. It occurred to me that many older (usb or firewire) tape-based cameras may be languishing because the tape mechanism has broken so the camera won’t record to anything any more. Fortunately, iStopMotion doesn’t require a tape to be in the camera to function. It only uses the live feed from the camera to capture frames.

So I thought I’d put out a call here to see if anyone has a dusty old busted up USB or firewire video camera they wouldn’t mind putting out on extended loan. I’d mainly use it to satisfy my inner Kubric and have some fun with the neat little program. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask! I’d be happy to spring for lunch. I’ll open up the comments if anyone wants to respond.

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