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December 23, 2007

Comp USA

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So Comp USA is going out of business. I wandered in there yesterday and spent an hour looking for a decent bluetooth mouse. Stupid me. I decided to save ten bucks and get an RF mouse with a USB dongle. Unfortunately, I got it home, opened the package, and discovered the killer: “Maximum range 3 feet”. Bummer. I need a range of about 12 feet. Stamped all across the receipt: All sales final, no returns. There goes $27. I’m going to go back in today and plead my case with the manager, offering up a win-win. Let me exchange this and pay the difference for a more expensive mouse. Hope it works.

UPDATE: The enlightened manager at Comp USA heard me out. His reply was “so what you want to do is spend MORE money with us, and all I have to do is bend the “no returns” policy? I’d be stupid not to do that.” I didn’t have to give him my big rehearsed spiel or anything. Very cool of him. He actually said “yeah, lots of businesses would stick to the letter of the law, but that’d be dumb.”

So I bit the bullet, applied the $27 to the Apple wireless Mighty Mouse, and now I can operate the Mac from 30 feet away. Erin’s used the wired Mighty Mouse for a year on the iMac and loves it. I can see why.

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