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December 29, 2007


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Got a couple of late Christmas presents today (courtesy the UPS guy and Amazon’s special “we’ll deliver it AFTER Christmas for you” service). Truth be told, I actually kind of like getting the card with the printout in it on Christmas day, then have the package arrive a few days later. It’s like getting an extra present. It extends the holiday, and the UPS guy stopping out front always makes me happy.

Anyway, Erin got me a 150 piece Dremel accessory kit like this one. Amazon’s supplier was out of stock so she cancelled the order and we got it from Lowes (same price… shame on you Amazon!). I immediately put it to work out in the shop tonight for a few hours. Say what you want about 3hp 240v cabinet saws and pneumatic tools, when the chips are down there ain’t NOTHING like a Dremel.

Erin also got me this book on stop action filmmaking. I’m looking forward to working through it. It’s very informative and well written. Neat!

Speaking of fun books, she got me this one as well. I’m planning on making a totally dangerous finger guillotine with a surgical steel blade. My neighbors are going to drive me out of the neighborhood.

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