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February 11, 2008

SF vs Fantasy

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5 reasons Science Fiction totally pwns Fantasy. link.

I think the author is going to get some serious hate mail out of this, but in principle I have to agree.


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This morning I woke up to a bunch of inbox messages about undeliverable email. Unfortunately, I never sent the messages in the first place. It seems like someone out there who has my email address (could be anyone who owns a computer that’s “seen” my email on a CC’ed email) has gotten a virus. This virus has started spitting out spam in my name with my email address as the return address. Now I’m getting a bunch of “undeliverable” and STOP THAT messages.

This stinks. Not only is the interweb more clogged this morning from the original spam, but it’s also having to deal with the dozens of bounced emails from addresses that don’t exist. It’s clogging my inbox, and making me look like a spammer. Grr! Another one just came in. I wonder if it’ll ever end or of I’ll have to change my email eventually? Stink!

By the way, it could be your computer! If you have a PC that you suspect of being infected (first step: does it run Windows?) then check here for a possible solution.

Hey Windows users: keep your dang systems patched and don’t open attachments!

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