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April 3, 2008

Need a Color Printer?

Filed under: Computing — jasony @ 3:12 pm

HP has my printer, the HP2600N, on sale for $199 after rebate w/free shipping. I bought mine two years ago for $250 and love it. This is a screaming deal since this particular printer comes with full ink cartridges, not the lame-sauce half-full carts that require you to buy more soon after getting the printer. This is a very good thing since 4 new carts (CMYK) are $88/each. Yes, you read that right: buying refilled ink cartridges costs more than buying the printer new with full carts. When my cartridges go dry I’m just going to buy a new printer. Wasteful, I know, but I’ll save $152.

Give away the shaver and sell the blades, indeed.

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