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April 15, 2008

Lawnmower Man

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Well, I started today with good intentions. Went to Sears to buy a bunch of stuff that I needed to do some much-needed maintenance on our lawn mower. New blade, spark plug, oil. Came back and installed everything and fired it up. It worked like a charm, but just as I was finishing the back lawn the mower started acting strange- coughing and running rough. After a minute or so of this it quit altogether and wouldn’t restart. Hmm…

The gas was a bit old, but I had put Sta-Bil in it to extend the life (hey, gas is expensive!). Near as I can tell, I think either the Sta-Bil didn’t work or the gas just went bad. From online discussions I believe I have hosed the carburetor. Drat.

So now I can either take it in to a repair place and get the carb cleaned, or I can be brave and try to repair it myself. I’m thinking I’m going to call and see how much it would cost to clean/rebuild the carb at the shop. If it’s very much (50% of the price of the mower, or about $125), then I’ll do it myself. Assuming that’s the problem and I repair it correctly, I’ll only be out the cost of the repair kit (about $25). If that’s not it then I don’t know what to do short of throwing more money at the problem and visiting the shop.

It’s been a good mower, and it’s only 6 years old, so I hate to buy a new one. Since I just mowed the yard I’ve got a few weeks to solve the problem before the grass starts to get too long again. Anybody know how to rebuild a lawn mower carb? Comments welcome.

What a pain.

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