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April 15, 2008

Things Break

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Dang it, today is the Day Of Broken Things. I took my very favoritest wrist watch to the jewelers to have the battery replaced. It’s quite a nice watch that Erin gave me as a present many years ago, and has a bit of sentimental value to it (as well as some modest real value). I figured that a jeweler would be slightly pricier but would be worth it. I went to the Samuel’s Diamonds place that is now located where the old Krispy Kreme donut shop used to be (should have been a warning).

He actually put a battery in two of my watches- the other one was a gorgeous Bulova pocket watch that Erin gave me as a wedding present 11 years ago. The pocket watch works fine, but two hours after he installed the battery the Swiss watch quit. I don’t know what’s wrong. It was working fine until the battery ran out (usual set of symptoms… bad time keeping for days followed by complete shutdown). I’m rather miffed at the whole situation, partly because the lawnmower went belly-up today as well. I have to go in and talk to them about it tomorrow. Chances are that they’ll say they didn’t do anything wrong (says you), then I’ll counter by saying it was working fine when I brought it in (except for the battery). Odds that they’ll make it right?

One hint: donut shop.

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