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April 21, 2008


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Holy Cow, Snapper is cool. I might have to get me that thar thingie. It would sure beat spending a ton of time in the finder clicking and manipulating a lot of files.

The Death of Good Cinema SF

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Erik Sofge expounds upon the lameness that is current Hollywood “Science Fiction”


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Behold, the Power of BONDO!

Shop Update

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Had a rather long night last night with a bout of insomnia from 4-6:30am. No matter, though, because I was able to get some good mental design work done on the telescope. I have a good rough idea of the case that I’m going to build for it. It’s roughly modeled after a beautiful paduak and curly maple briefcase I saw. Still have to figure out a way to do the inlay work, and the exact design/materials for the inlay.

Speaking of inlay, I’ve come to a decision about a spectacular detail on the tube of the telescope, but I’m going to keep that one under my hat. Grin.

It may not look like it, but “work” is proceeding on the design. 99% of it is mental at this point (in more ways than one), but once I get the design figured out in my head and go through a virtual imaginary assembly, I should have most of the build issues worked out. That’ll save me grief and time once the construction begins. I still anticipate that it’ll be 4-5 years until the whole project is completed. It’s been a real joy to just be able to spend months thinking and incorporating different ideas that I see into the design. No rush to commit to anything or start building immediately- I’ve got plenty of other stuff to build in the meantime.

Speaking of which, time to go to the shop this afternoon. The sides of the ent. cent. are almost finished (except for the trim and doors). Next step is the center case, then I’ll go back and face frame the whole thing. Then build doors. Construction stalled this past week because of other commitments, but it should get back on track this week.

Real Homer

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What would Homer Simpson look like as a real person? This. Yikes.

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