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April 27, 2008

Metal and Rain Do Not Mix

Filed under: Woodworking — jasony @ 2:32 pm

It’s 57 degrees and rainy. My absolute favorite weather (except for the wind- I really don’t like wind). What in the world am I doing inside?!?

Time to change back into the grubbies and go find something I can do in the shop with the door closed. I can’t work the main machines when it rains because they’re right next to the garage door. If the cast iron tops get wet they’ll rust in about ten minutes. No kidding- 10 minutes. You can almost stand and watch it happen. Only the most generous and frequent application of paste wax to their tops keeps them from turning red and flakey from rust. So if it’s raining I can’t use the table saw or planer (the two machines I need to use to finish the ent. cent. top).

But I’m sure I can find something else that needs to be done. It’s too cold and rainy to stay inside. I’m off!

UPDATE: 4 hours in the shop. The rain quit and I got a bit done-mainly a glue up on the bookcase tops, plus a lot of standing around cogitating on future problems to be solved. There’s a lot of ’em. Tomorrow is the main top glue up and… more sanding! Yay! 🙁

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