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April 30, 2008

Cool Tools

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How to make the world’s smallest violin?

With the world’s smallest hand (finger?) plane.

Micro Plane.jpg

more here.

Shop Time

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This is becoming a (very enjoyable) habit. Yesterday (monday), I spent 6 hours in the shop, and pulled another 7 today. 66 hours in total on the ent. cent, and it’s starting to look like a piece of furniture! I think I could probably speed things up by at least 50% if all of my machines and stationary tools had permanent homes. As it is, the table saw is the only thing that lives in one spot. Each of the other major tools (band saw, planer, jointer) have to be moved to one particular spot in order to be used. I only have one tube from the dust collector so if I want to use the band saw I have to move the planer out of the way, or if I want to use the jointer, I have to shift the planer aside. It makes for a whole lot of moving and shifting, and a piece of wood might have to visit every machine before it gets glued into place. Then the whole dance has to start over again. I’ve gotten pretty good about looking ahead and doing as much as I can on one tool, but I often have to complete one piece of wood before I can move on to the next.

I love my shop. It’s a nice big 2 car garage. I’m not complaining. Indeed, I have a friend who works out of a very small 1 car garage. It’s ridiculous how little space he has in there. Still, one of these days I’m going to build me a big place where all the tools can be bolted to the freaking floor, never to have to move again. With their own dust collection and outfeed tables.

What the hey, as long as I’m wishing, I want a pony.

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