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June 13, 2008


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Due respect to Tim Russert, but when the news hit today that he had died from a heart attack at age 58, did the entire media machine really need to grind to a halt for six hours of uninterrupted coverage? Illustrative of how insular the media culture is.

Yes, he was a good journalist. Yes, he did important work. And yes, he died before his time. But how many more-deserving people passed on today without so much as a passing glance?

Gig News!

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So, I got the gig! Erin and I will be traveling back up to Trail West in Colorado to spend another week with members of the military. I’ve been hired to shoot a short (6-8 minute) documentary/thank you to show the donors. They used the last version I did three years ago to raise $250,000 so more military soldiers and their families could enjoy a week of vacation (something, sadly, that few of them had ever had). They were pleased with the video last time and want to make a new one.

So I’m in the process of gathering the equipment that I’ll need for the project, as well as planning shots and talking to the folks up at the ranch. I’m using part of the pay from the gig to continue purchasing equipment. For a longer project like this (we’ll be gone for 12 days), the gear rental is approximately 1/4 the cost of buying new, and I’m starting to do more of these things. So instead of continuing to throw money away on gear rental I’m committing to purchasing my own. I’m getting a good quality CF recorder, an decent 3-light kit for interviewing, a C-stand, and a couple of other small things. Unfortunately, I have to rent an anamorphic adapter for the camera I’m using (the DVX-100), and that will cost a bit for the 12 day rental, but as I have no need for it long term, it’s not worth spending the $1000 to buy the thing for one gig. Yes, a thousand dollars for a lens adapter. Sheesh. Just renting it will cost me almost three hundred. Ouch.

We are SO looking forward to this. The only downside is that they have to put us up in a hotel a couple of miles away since the camp is so full. But we’ll be there from sun-up until after sundown so it’ll feel like we’re staying at the camp- we’ll just be sleeping somewhere else. And this means that one more military family can go (we won’t be taking their spot), so that’s a very good thing.

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