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June 24, 2008

Green Screen

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How to make a DIY Chroma Key screen.

I’ve Got Enough Gear for a Transmission

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The Lowell lighting kit just arrived! It’s smaller than I thought, but that’s probably due to the fact that it’s factory-packed into a small soft-sided case that’s too small to ever re-pack correctly. I’m sure once I take everything out and try to fold it all up again it’ll take up twice the space as it does now. So I’m going to be very careful unboxing everything. I want to see how they origami-ed it all together. Here’s a pic:


Nice kit. Portable and flexible with a softbox included. I’ll set it up tomorrow (along with everything else) and do a faux-interview. I’ll post it on YouTube or something and link to it from here.

Had to order a 4GB card off of Amazon today for the HDP2. I only have a 512MB CF card and that won’t come close to getting all the audio I’ll need in Colorado. We have a bunch of other media cards of various sizes lying around, but they’re in different formats. Darn format wars!

Oh, I also have to order spare bulbs. I hate to drop the $75 or so on the replacement bulbs (they’re really expensive!), but I don’t want to have one pop while I’m doing an interview.

I also need to make three sandbags to weight the tripods down. I could buy them for $30 each, or go to Home Depot for playground sand and the fabric store for thick cordura and make my own. Since the sewing machine is already out on the table I’m going for option #2. Did I mention that I sent back the $23 Rip-Tie’s and made my own? They’re not pretty, but they work great! Total cost: $10 and they’re much bigger/better. Hooray for Makers!

I’ve been making plans to build some sort of Über-case with wheels that can hold all of this stuff. Small enough to fit in a car trunk, but flexible enough to store everything I need so it’s all in one easy-to-steal package! Efficiency.

Seriously, I need to call the insurance company….

Knock Me Over with a Brick

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The Secret Lego Vault. I loved this one.

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