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June 25, 2008

Finish it Already!

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I spent about an hour tonight putting the gel stain on the underside of the lid, then I gave the side bookshelf the first coat of sealer (shellac with denatured alcohol to think it out). Just the shellac looks really nice. Next up: red dye on the bookshelf! The time of commitment. Total time: 144 hours.

*UPDATE* HA! As my neighbor James pointed out, I didn’t “use denatures alcohol to THINK it out, but to THIN it out”. The alcohol part comes after I’ve been finishing for 30 hours. 🙂

Ent Cent

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Over the past week I’ve put in another 4 hours or so on the entertainment center (total time is 143 hours). The construction phase is complete and I’m starting in on the finish. I’ve procured all of the supplies (about $40) and have started testing the underside of one of the bookshelf tops. I put on a seal coat of shellac (diluted with denatured alcohol) and then a coat of dye. Next I have to apply the gel stain and then wipe it off, then do a triple coat of finish shellac. It should look like the book case I built for Erin a few years ago since I’m using the same ratio of dyes (10% red, 90% brown), but I’m testing just in case. If all goes well I’ll proceed with the visible parts.

I’ve decided to finish each piece fully so I can move them inside after they’re done. I have a lot of hand sanding to do on each piece with 220 and 320 grit sandpaper and I’m afraid that I’ll just move the sanding dust around from piece to piece so instead of doing them all at once I’ll focus on each piece until completion then move it inside. Hopefully my dye ratio will remain consistent throughout the process so that the color is consistent. I estimate approximately 30 hours to do although work will get in the way. I hope to have it done by the end of August.


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I’m still in the design phase of the telescope and I keep going back and forth over whether or not it’ll be motorized. There are definite plusses to having a motor on it (easy tracking, astrophotography, coolness, etc), but I still remain nervous that I would mess up the beautiful design by hanging an ugly and inaccurate motor off of the side. And what about power? Would I have to run an extension cord to the house? Batteries? I’m starting to think that going drive-less is the way. But then I got a look at this picture:


and thought “that’s it!” I’ll make a solar panel to drive the motor!


on a telescope.


(rolls eyes at self)


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No, this isn’t a photoshop. It’s the for-real title on the Wisconsin State Journal’s homepage… and it’s been up for fourteen hours. See it here for yourself if they haven’t corrected it. Oh, who am I kidding?

I thought the mainstream media was all about fact checking their stories. Can’t they at least get a major headline right? Or do they need to hire some bloggers to do that for them?

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