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June 29, 2008

One Hundred Years Ago Today

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The Tunguska event.

Missus and Me

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I really like this pic of us:


Yet Another Reason Sewing Machines Rock

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I found a pair of convertible hiking pants at REI the other day. This pair:


They’re great, except that they had a small rip along the belt area in the back left. Retail price: $55. REI Garage Sale price: $3.83. Sold! I brought them home and ironed a patch onto the inside over the hole, then I got some matching thread and stitched the stuffing out of the rip. Problem solved, and since the hole was under where the belt goes, you’ll never see the rip. Sewing machines rule.

Seeing in Stereo

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What’s it like to suddenly be able to see in 3D?

Bye Bye Bill

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Bill Gates has left the building. Say what you want about him, the man could laugh at himself.


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How do you hide a WWII airplane factory? This is how. Wow.

Myths: Busted

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A round-up of Mythbusters results.

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