The Big Think

July 14, 2008

There and Back Again

Filed under: Disclosure — jasony @ 9:13 pm

Yes, we were gone. Yes, we’re back. 2250 miles to the mountains and returned, and all I brought back (besides 14 hours of interviews and b-roll) is a wicked head cold/allergies thing that made the 500 miles driven today pretty miserable. We’re all unpacked and I’m off to slumberland pretty soon, but I wanted to check in and say we made it. Oh, and after Katherine made such a big stink about not being able to comment on my blog because the safeties were all on, I removed them all just before we left so I could enjoy her long and bellicose comments. What did I get? Not a single comment from a reader. I did, however, get 250 spam comments.

So Kat, you lost your chance! If you want to comment, do it like everybody else and just tease me on your own blog. Preferably accompanied by a link.

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