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July 17, 2008

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Archbishop of Canturbury says that Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims.

Ya think? I thought they were just mad because we drew cartoons of them. Turns out they’re upset at what Christians believe.


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Just don’t give these things real bullets.


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Because we don’t hear about it in the mainstream media, I wanted to point to an article that shows the progress we’ve had in Iraq in just the last two years. And since it’s been written by a person who is there and has been there in the past when things weren’t so good, I submit that it’s a better representation of the truth than what we’re being force fed through normal media channels.

Then there are times when the change hits you across the forehead like a 2×4. Yesterday I found inspiration in the tears of joy on hundreds of faces at the graduation for the Iraqi Military Academy at Rustimiyah as 252 young men graduated from the one year course of instruction and were commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants in the Iraqi Army and Air Force…

We all just sort of stood there and soaked up the energy and passion. This is where Iraq is today. These families, rich and poor, Sunni and Shia, young and old were overcome with pride for their sons becoming officers of the new Iraq.

It wasn’t because they would be getting a regular pay check. Not because there is nothing else to do. These men have committed themselves to building a new democratic Iraq and the sheer joy and pride of their families tells even the most jaded observer, including a couple of veteran western journalists in my group, that something has shifted here that can’t be ignored.

read the whole thing.

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Cool scale satellite model made from wood.

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