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July 24, 2008

Rush on Rush

Filed under: Music — jasony @ 9:30 am

Ha! The band Rush recently got to try one of their songs out on Rock Band. I won’t ruin the result for you.

A couple things I noticed, though: Geddy Lee is trained. I could tell by the way he supported some of the higher notes. He sang some of the really high stuff down an octave though. It’s not fair to have him sing the highest stuff full- voice without a warmup! I also noticed that Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson didn’t do so well on their respective instruments, even on expert, because the game had dumbed it down too much. They probably made most of their mistakes because they were playing the real thing, not the simplified (even on expert!) stuff that Rock Band makes you play.

All in all, though, good fun.

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