The Big Think

September 2, 2008


Filed under: Space/Astronomy — jasony @ 9:11 am

The sun (you know, our sun) has just finished its very first spotless month in a whole century. To solar watchers this is… disturbing.

In A World… without Don

Filed under: Audio,Movies — jasony @ 9:08 am

Legendary voiceover artist Don LaFontaine died yesterday.

Patently Ridiculous

Filed under: Politics — jasony @ 8:55 am

Here’s more evidence that our patent system is busted. Microsoft has applied for, and received a patent on Page Up/Page Down. That’s right, the little button on your keyboard that lets you jump a whole page up or down, the button that’s been in existence as prior art for decades, is now the property of Microsoft. Theoretically they can now sue anyone that hasn’t paid them a licensing fee (that is passed on to the consumer, natch), and tie everyone up in court undoing this mess.

Why they would apply for a patent this ridiculous is only the tip of the mystery iceberg. That the PTO actually granted it should be sufficient proof that somebody in government needs to be taken out back and… reformed.

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