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September 4, 2008


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Editing the military week video and it’s very hard emotionally. Not only seeing the faces of these family members whom we had the privilege of getting to know, but also the realization of what could happen and how their lives could be changed.

They are brilliant, funny, and eloquent volunteers who understand the situation better than any pampered news anchor. They are not the children that those journalists would have you believe. Their spouses support the soldiers with a humbling sort of fierce dignity – the kind that, to witness, makes you feel like you’ve intruded on a very personal moment. Every soldier wants to go back and help the Iraqi’s through the first tentative steps toward a stable society. They all have a personal and intense sense of responsibility and honor, and they all think of the Iraqi’s as a battered but noble people on their way to a better life. Not as pawns in political shouting matches, but as people with histories, names, and a great amount of pain in their past. They speak with pride about schools they’ve built, the villages they have helped, and the comrades they have lost. And they are very aware of what their service costs (and might cost) their families.

It’s hard putting the video together because my memories of that week are still very fresh, and I have to get across to the viewer (donors) how grateful the families were for their time together. Unfortunately, when I do my job right the video tends to affect me as well, so I can only stay at it for a while.

It’s coming along nicely, though, and I’m amazed again at how much good, subtle music can add.

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The Large Hadron Rap.

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