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September 25, 2008


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Sorry to be offline for so long. Erin’s dad is doing better and the doctors seem to think that he’s out of the woods. They moved him out of the super-intensive I.C.U. to a less intense ICU (that, apparently, saved on budget by dropping the periods). Then a couple of days ago they upgraded him again to a normal room. His numbers (hemoglobin, etc) are all trending in the proper direction and they’re starting him on physical therapy to regain the balance that he lost from being bedridden for a week.

The doctors are actually talking about him going home in the next week or so. I know it seems sudden if you just read my post below, but we’ve been through a whole week since I wrote that and he’s shown good recovery. For an 83 year old he’s strong (and stubborn) as an ox. Wait.. are ox stubborn?

Anyway, thank you all for your prayers, emails, and phone calls of support. It has meant a lot to us to know that we’ve got a web of friends who have our back when we go through something like this.

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