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January 15, 2009

Morning Person

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I’m normally not much of a morning person, unless my insomnia decrees Thou Shalt Wake at Five AM, which it did this morning at 5:22. I think my insomnia slept in for twenty extra minutes.

Anyway, when it’s cold and early and I have a pile of enjoyable work to get through I really don’t mind getting up early. Got a cup of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, right in front of me and I’m off to edit audio all day.

I’m glad I’m making use of the time. Erin and I postponed a well anticipated camping trip this weekend (brr!) with some seldom-seen friends so I could get the current stuff out the door. Looking forward to it sometime soon.

My Name is Inigo Montoya

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Princess Bride trivia. Not that it’s ever really gone away, but this film is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence lately. Maybe it’s time we see it again.

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