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January 23, 2009


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I reached a milestone today when I finished all charting for Sing 2009!

Interesting chart stats:

Total Measures: 11290 (“active frames”- not including empty measures)

Master Scores: 156 pages

Parts: 230 pages

Total pages: 386

Length of show: approx 4 hours with intermissions and time between acts. If you played it straight through with no breaks, it’s almost exactly 2 hours of music.


I still have to assemble the musician folders, which means copying and dealing with 600+ pages, and I also have to mix and master the final tracks for those acts that have additional music, but finishing the charts represents a major milestone in the months long process of creating the show.

I’m taking a few days off!


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Stunning Dorpat telescope scale model.


I’ve come to a more or less final design decision on my own handmade telescope (yes, it’s a long, long term project). I have to decide on the tripod/mount now. Options are a simple alt/azimuth mount (basically a tripod), or a no-holds-barred full outequatorial mount. The latter would be much more useful but it scares the bejeebers out of me to think about building it, especially out of breakable wood. The telescope won’t be particularly heavy, but when the mounts are not machined you do have to worry about weight.

Anyway, check out the link for the amazing Dorpat model.

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