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May 2, 2009

Lego Bunratty

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A neat site by a Lego fiend who specializes in building reproductions of European castles. Kinda nifty to see some of the castles we saw in Ireland reproduced here.

Original Castle (being attacked by a dragon)
img src=”” border=”0″ height=”192″ width=”256″ alt=”Bunratty Attacked!.jpg” align=”” />

Lego version (no dragon, unfortunately):
img src=”” border=”0″ height=”297″ width=”230″ alt=”south.jpg” align=”” />

Neat stuff! Check it out:

**Just checked this after posting. I’m really sorry, everybody. The company that hosts this knows that there are issues but they’re really dragging their feet fixing things. Knowing that nothing I post will display correctly has taken most of the joy out of blogging for me, which is why you haven’t seen many posts the past few months. They’ve been saying it’ll be fixed “soon” or “next week” or “within the week” since early March. I think fixing this is so low on their list of priorities that they’re not going to ever really get around to it. Sigh. Really sorry you have to come here only to see messed up code, but it really is out of my hands. Drat.

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