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May 7, 2009

New Shop Project- Filing Cabinet

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Erin and I just got back from the lumberyard where we picked out the quartersawn red oak for my next project. (sidenote: my wife loves to go the lumberyard with me. AWESOME).

I did the entertainment center for us, then followed it up with a set of cabinets in the shoppe for me, now it’s time to build something for her. It’ll be a nice two drawer filing cabinet from solid wood that has the same style as the music cabinet and entertainment center. I’m getting much better at building this style and working out the kinks of the design. It’ll be nice that it’s so small. I told her on the way home that I’m mentally gearing up for a 6 month project because the last two have been so huge. But since this is only 30″x18″x15″ it shouldn’t take me nearly as much time.

I am, however, suffering from the standard affliction of quality creep. I could build it for about fifty bucks if I used cheap plywood and hardware, but for only a little bit more you can use the nice hardware. But then, if you’re using the nice hardware it sure is a shame to put it on crummy plywood, so why not use hardwood? End result is that this filing cabinet will top out around 3x the cost of a cheap ugly metal one from Target. And it’ll last forever. And it’ll match our other furniture. And I get to spend 40 hours building it (which, to me, is fun). Updates as I go.

Speaking of updates, Sean and I have finally gotten fed up with the crummy service this site is hosted on so he’s volunteered to move it to a better server. Sometime in the next few weeks (days?) it’ll go offline for a bit, then it’ll be back in glorious splendor. So if you try and hit the site and it’s not here, it’s only the DNS servers that haven’t updated. It won’t be gone long.

Now…. down to the shop!

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