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May 14, 2009

Keep on Truckin’

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Okay that’s a dumb 70’s title, but whatever.

Approval for the car loan came in today with no problems at all. Now all we’re waiting for is the state to finish up some paperwork for the Texas Air Check program and send us a voucher. It kind of bums me out that they’ll be carting the old truck away for destruction, but it was a good beast and did its time well. I’ll get far more from it that way than if we sold it, plus it’ll be off the streets. Just wish I hadn’t had to put new tires on it four months ago.

The loan officer at the bank also mentioned that the credit union has a relationship with two of the local dealerships I’m looking at and if I ask for a certain guy they’ll give me the “no haggle” price. Riiiight. Actually, it may be worth a try. I’ve already decided what my walk-away number is and if they give me a no-haggle that’s below that then I’ll know they’re up front about it and not just using the deal as an excuse to screw over customers that come from that bank. I also know what the average selling price is for the model I want with the options I want, so again, if they come in under that then we’re in business. If they try and treat me like I haven’t done any research then I will walk. Turns out light truck sales are off almost 50% on the year so I’m definitely in the (ahem) driver’s seat.

I also spent some time tonight looking at GPS’s for the new car on Amazon. We’d like to get a decent little wide-screen GPS for a good price (they’re running in the $100-$200 range right now). Something that would work well in the car as well as for walking around. Oh, and with text-to-speech. We don’t really need many more gee whiz features (Photos, Bluetooth, MP3 player) Any recommendations?

I’ll be glad when this car stuff is over.

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  1. Amen, brother. No haggling. I did walk out on a dealer when I bought my car, and never looked back — just went to the next one, who gave me precisely the price I’d researched as being a fair one.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been hoping that *someone* I know would replicate Jeff Walker’s grandfather’s method: go in with a check written. Give them the check. Tell them you’ll come back tomorrow morning for the car, or, if you don’t hear from them, you’ll cancel the check.


    Comment by barrybrake — May 17, 2009 @ 1:47 am

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