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May 21, 2009

Eulogy for an iPod

Filed under: Apple — jasony @ 12:54 pm

This sucker just won’t die. I’ve had my iPod for probably 4 years now and bought it used from a friend. It’s been a faithful companion.

The hard drive has been acting up so I’ve applied the known fix: holding it firmly and then whacking the corner of the unit on the table. This dislodges the little stuck arm in the hard drive and makes it work again, for a while.

Well, that while finally ended today. The drive just clicks and nothing happens. So now I can either replace the drive for fifty bucks and hope that the repeated whacks upside the head haven’t hurt anything else, or just pony up for a new one altogether. I think I’m going with option B and retire the old girl.

So long, Walkabout. You were great!

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