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June 1, 2009


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After years of being frustrated with my finishes on my woodworking projects, I finally broke down and bought an HVLP spray gun. HVLP stands for “high volume, low pressure” and, while it looks like a standard automotive spray gun, these things put out far less paint while doing so at a very low pressure. the result is more like a re-loadable spray paint can that can spray whatever can be thinned to a water-consistency (dye, stain, finish, etc). Automotive guns put out much more paint and you have to deal with a lot more over spray and paint-bounceback.

The gun only cost me $25 at Woodcraft after a coupon. They’ve come down significantly in the past few years (several years ago I went to a woodworking show in Houston and saw guns there for several hundred dollars. All hail globalization!). It’s probably not the highest quality gun (the paint can is plastic), but it’ll do the job for me. Works nice with the big air compressor I inherited from Erin’s uncle when he passed away a few years ago.

I just tried out the gun to spray a shellac/denatured alcohol topcoat on Erin’s file cabinet and I’m reasonably happy with the results. I had to mess with the pressure and other adjustment knobs to get a decent finish, and even now it’s slightly splattery (very fine splats of finish). I think they’ll sand out as I do further coats. I imagine I’ll get better as I do more of this.

It’ll be nice to not have to hand-finish everything from now on. I could have definitely used this gun on the entertainment center. That was a huge finishing job that took weeks.

Take the High Road

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Hiking across Scotland. With pictures. And sheep!

Up to our Ears

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The national debt reaches $668,621 per household.

(hey, look, I can link!)

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