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July 4, 2009


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Erin and I watched the fireworks last night (the 3rd, oddly) with friends, and we’re watching the Boston fireworks show right now, and both times I’m having exactly the same thought: Who in the name of Tom Jefferson programmed the music?

I arrange music for a living, and most of my job consists of figuring out the right song, at the right time, at the right tempo, in order to get the job done- the job in my case is to entertain the audience (barry will understand this as well). What I saw during the fireworks shows, though, tells me one thing: somebody needs to hire an arranger. The song choice, pacing, and “shape” of the fireworks show in Boston was terrible! The fireworks themselves were beautiful, but the music was slow and quiet (dull, even) while the visuals were spectacular. Note to fireworks programmers: it’s the whole package, not just the visuals. Putting tens of thousands of dollars into a visual extravaganza and backing it up with whatever your iPod plays in shuffle mode just doesn’t cut it.

I’m for hire, if you’re wondering. 🙂

Change of Dependence Day

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Tom Merrit has some good thoughts on Independence Day.

Thoughts whilst watching Neil Diamond and the Poor Boston Pops

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“Sweet Caroline! Good Times NEVER SEEMED SO GOOD!”

… iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, panem et circenses.

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