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July 8, 2009

Protest Song

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Sticking it to the Man.

Makin’ a Movie

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So this is day three of production for Paradise Recovered, the independent feature I’m working on. My job is the head of the sound department (and the main mixer, and the boom operator… you get the idea). Today was another good day working with fun, talented, and creative people. One of those days where you work really hard and go home exhausted but happy. The house we’re shooting in this week is an old home in central Austin with a rickety air conditioner. Unfortunately, we have to turn off the A/C when we shoot (I’m not a popular guy when I call for it to be killed!). It was 104 outside today and we actually had to leave the house and go outside to cool off. It was ridiculous. Nobody had a thermometer, but I would guess it was at least 125 in the house with all the lights. Crazy!
We managed to get about 7-9 pages shot today, which is a pretty good pace for a small crew. The writer/producer’s blog is here and there are some flickr pics here. I encourage you to keep up with both locations for a blow-by-blow of the shoot. Andie (the producer/writer) is great. She’s doing an absolutely wonderful job of taking care of her cast and crew and I know it keeps me really motivated to do my best work. I’m having a (very hot!) blast. I’ll try and keep you posted how things are going, but right now most of my time is taken up by either being on set, or sitting at my computer for several hours every night transcribing my sound report notes for the editor, then reorganizing my gear and preparing for the next day. I usually take a freezing shower every night and sit under a blasting a/c until my nose turns a beautiful shade of blue.

Hey! I just found a super secret behind the scenes video of our location this week on YouTube. Thanks for the house loan, David!

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