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July 12, 2009

Making a Movie- Day Six

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Great day today. Pretty short, too (only six hours). We shot inside Genuine Joe’s coffee shop in Austin. I thought it was going to be a sound nightmare, but it ended up sounding really great- very natural and yet intimate. I was really happy with the way things sounded. We were able to shoot in a back area that we could close off. It looked to be new construction and had good windows so that, even though we were right next to a parking lot, very little sound got in. A tiny amount of ambience (“MOCHA!”) got in from the main dining area, and what did was natural coffee-shop sounding.

We seem to be hitting our stride as a group as well. It was a very crowded space, about 10’x30′, but we managed to stay out of each others’ way- no mean feat considering the amount of stuff that has to accompany us.

I also incorporated a good headphone monitoring system for the director and writer/producer so they can hear the takes via the sound gear that’s hanging off of my harness. It’s much easier to get good sound when the director can hear what you’re talking about. Storme has always trusted me to give him good stuff, but it’s really nice that I can let him hear things first-hand.

Overall, I’d have to say it was one of my favorite days on the shoot so far. Maybe that’s due to the shorter hours, or the change of location, or the fact that it was only 90 degrees in the room with the a/c off instead of 130, but whatever it was, I hope it continues.

Day off tomorrow and monday! Then we’re back at it for the rest of the shoot. Should be fun.

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