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August 5, 2009

The Deed is Done

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11:20: I’m currently sitting in the Toyota dealership awaiting the finalization of all the paperwork. Looks like this long road is almost at an end.

12:00. It’s done! That’s the end of it. I signed the papers at the dealership (still need to sign them at the bank). Got a nice new truck.



UPDATE 2:00. Not so fast! The radio quit 15 miles down the road. 🙁 It’s a known problem with the 2009’s, but something I had hoped to avoid by buying a “fresher” model (this isn’t as fresh as I thought, tho… it was built last October). The radio problem is intermittent and apparently happens to a lot of people, but even though folks are registering complaints with Toyota, whenever you call to complain, they always say “it’s not a problem. Nobody else has complained!”. Tell that to all the folks online. The radio will turn itself off for five minutes or so, then come back on when it feels like it. Until then, no input anywhere on the radio will make it come on. So… back to the dealership next time it happens. I had hoped to avoid them for awhile.

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