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August 19, 2009

Defying Gravity

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Inventor James Dyson makes an uphill waterfall fountain. Cool!

Far Out

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Relativistic navigation of solar sails. I love arXive!

The Picnic that Changed the World

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Once the initial group got through hundreds more East Germans joined them. Still vivid in Bella’s mind was the reactions of the Germans, including many young people and families with small children, once they were on the other side.

“They embraced, they kissed, they cried and laughed in their joy. Some sat down right across the border, others had to be stopped by the Austrian guards because they kept running and didn’t believe they were in Austria,” Bella said. “It was in incredible experience for them.”

“Some of them were waiting for this moment for 20 or 30 years,” Nagy said. “They left behind everything … because freedom has the greatest value.”

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Warning Signs

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The warning signs are all around us. We are faced with a health care system that needs reform. So many issues have been identified in the public debate that serious, measurable reform may now be possible. Ideas are coming from all sides. And yet we are faced with a pigheaded, partisan leadership that is basically preparing to tell the rest of us to go to hell and ram through another highly defective piece of legislation without scrutiny and without debate. The financial system bailouts and Stimulus Bill and Cap & Trade bill all point clearly towards where this will end up.

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