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August 21, 2009


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Pamper a man with pathos and he feels pathetic. Challenge him with obstacles and opportunity, and he rises up to find dignity.

Scott Ott

Move Along

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Just posting this here for my future reference. How to etch aluminum.


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via neatorama

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who creates sand drawings in front of audiences. Here she is performing on Ukraine’s Got Talent:

Here, she recounts Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war. She brings calm, then conflict. A couple on a bench become a woman’s face; a peaceful walkway becomes a conflagration; a weeping widow morphs into an obelisk for an unknown soldier. Simonova looks like some vengeful Old Testament deity as she destroys then recreates her scenes – with deft strokes, sprinkles and sweeps she keeps the narrative going. She moves the judges to tears as she subtitles the final scene “you are always near”.


Care Package

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Holy cow! I just received a massive care package from a friend in the mail (you know who you are). Wowee- Talk about the mother load! Thanks a ton.

Just wanted to put it up here publicly to let everyone know that said party is teh awesome.

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