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August 31, 2009

Hold On

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The birth of On Hold music. Curse you, Satie…

“[Satie] developed a very cynical attitude toward the listener.” Satie was so obsessed with the idea that music could no longer communicate to the audience, he concluded that music in the 20th century was destined to be a vacuous, comfortable apparatus best used as a background for other activities, much like a favorite chair.”

and my favorite:

“…music can have an impact on a wide array of customers’ behaviors, changing their perception of time, conditioning them to associate a song with a brand, or limiting their ability to critically analyze a potential purchase due to musical distraction. “When shoppers are exposed to music in a store, sales resistance decreases,” he says via e-mail. Our brains have a finite bandwidth for taking in and processing information, and clogging that bandwidth with music is sometimes enough to prevent us from making rational purchasing decisions, or worrying about the time.”

read the whole thing.

Kat Is NOT Going to Like This

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The Toilet themed restaurant.

Doctor Seuss to the Infirmary, Stat.

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