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September 9, 2009

Must Read

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David Goldhill on meaningful health care reform. Get comfortable, because it’s a long read, but it’s also really important in light of what is going on in our government. Please take the time to give it a read. It’s really good stuff.

Thanks to barry for the link.

Chalk the Vote

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“A nonprofit group is seeking permission to write every word of the healthcare bill on the Capitol steps.

The effort is intended to draw attention to the fact that lawmakers are moving legislation they haven’t actually read. And what better way to draw attention than with bright chalk more associated with games of hopscotch than legislation?

“We’re really trying to make a point, and the point is that nobody reads these bills, including the very people who vote on them, which is ridiculous,” said Yaverbaum. “Until you read the document, you can’t really debate the document, but that’s what we all do, we all debate sound bites.”

Yaverbaum said the group has not taken a position on the substance of healthcare reform.”

full story here.

I love the fact that they’re not taking a position on the legislation. Kind of hard to argue in favor of our representatives voting on a bill they haven’t read, huh?

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