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September 16, 2009


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I was wandering through Lowes the other day and spotted the most recent issue of Shop Notes magazine. It’s a great woodworking mag that always manages to have one or two “must build” projects. The other bonus is that it has NO advertising (it’s only about 50 pages each issue, but they make every page count).

I ended up taking one look at this issue and adding it to my basket. The cover article was this:


I’ve been looking for a good way to sharpen my chisels and turning tools for several years and hadn’t found one until now. They sell $200-400 solutions that do effectively the same thing as the shop-built one on the cover here. The good news is that this clever build lets you get a razor sharp edge on your tools for less than fifty bucks (and far less if you can scrounge some of the weirder parts). I spent a couple hours in the shop this afternoon starting on the main box for the thing. I have to order a few parts from the inestimable McMaster-Carr – mainly two pulleys and a couple of thrust bearings- but the rest of it can be made from plywood and screws that I already have around the shop. After the huge entertainment center project it’s nice to be working on something I can finish with comparatively little effort.

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