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September 18, 2009

The Law of Unintended Consequences

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If the current government healthcare plan passes, many small businesses are set to cancel insurance to their employees and opt to pay the cheaper fee to the Fed. Thus further eroding the health care market.

Of course, it’s a small step for the government to simply raise the fine to where it would be less painful for businesses to pay for insurance instead of the fine, but do we really want a system where the federal government raises their penalty fees to be higher than health insurance premiums? This helps business how?

I forsee some unexpected consequences.

Cough Cough

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The deadly black London Fog, and 7 other weird weather phenomenon.


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From the “things I didn’t know dept”:

Keanu Reeves gave away 50 million british pounds (his salary from Matrix II and III) to the costume and special FX depts on those films. Way to recognize the little people, Keanu. Thanks.

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