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September 22, 2009


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So I spent a few wonderful hours in the cool shop today watching the rain while I worked on the sharpener I described in a previous post. I got my order of hardware in from McMaster-Carr and went on to the middle steps of the project (installing thrust bearings and collet sleeves, etc). One of the steps had me cutting sections of the main drive shaft from the long 36″ single steel shaft I got in the mail. Did I mention that it’s steel? Precision steel? HARDENED precision steel? That sucker was just about the hardest thing I’ve ever had to cut through in my life. It was only 1/2″ thick but took the better part of an hour to cut a single section out with a hacksaw. I finally thought of my Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel but this didn’t really speed things up. It just saved my forearm from giving out with the saw.

I had to cut TWO short shafts for the sharpener (see pic in previous post for the shafts). I still have to cut three very short pieces for guide pins. Sheesh, I can’t believe how hard that thing is.

The sharpener is coming together very nicely, though it is somewhat difficult to keep all the precision bearings all nice and lined up. I’ve got both shafts and pulleys installed and it’s starting to look like something! It’ll be cool to get to use it when it’s done.

Stranger than We Can Imagine

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Saturn has mountains in its rings.

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