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October 15, 2009


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Are we going to get a European-style Value Added Tax in America soon? Washington politicians want one, but with a rather ugly catch. Watch this so see what it is.

Why not this solution: if Washington can’t manage to make ends meet, it’s not because they don’t have enough revenue, it’s that they can’t control their spending, and we haven’t held them accountable in a meaningful way. The solution isn’t more taxes, it’s to stop spending so much of our money. Pork barrel spending and fiscal waste should become a matter of public embarrassment on a national scale, and any politician that shows a propensity to spend tax dollars to buy votes in their district should be removed from office quickly and without remorse. Alas, that would require a level of sophistication and selflessness on the part of the electorate that I doubt we will see.

Protection against Hyper Inflation

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sobering words.

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