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October 26, 2009


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Top 10 ghost ships. spoooooky.

Z squared Scale

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Worlds smallest working Model Train. 1:35,200 scale. While not really a “train” with separate cars, it’s still clever.

No Electricity Table Saw

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This thing looks pretty impressive, but for $1200, I’ll keep my cabinet saw.


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Beautiful pics of Saturn and its environs. Worth a look (especially the animated #21!)

Pigskin, Behind the Scenes

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Some pics from Pigskin 2009, which wrapped last Saturday night.


I like this second shot as you just barely see the 2200 people peeking over my shoulder. I was directing the show last week and realized how surreal it is to be the point man on this. I have the best seat in the house (closest to the front, anyway), and rarely ever think of the number of people behind me. My pulse used to race and my palms got sweaty whenever the lights would go down and the curtain go up. Don’t screw up! But now, it’s a rare occasion when my heart rate gets above 90 unless we’re really cooking on a song. Hyper aware? Always. Nervous? Not in many years. Funny how we can adapt.

Thanks to Josh for the pics.


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Our robot overlords cometh.

Can Sci Fi Movies Be Cool?

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John Scalzi answers the burning question.

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